Friday, May 14, 2010

Liz and Nicole Jackson's Mother/Daughter Dinner

About a week ago, a sweet girl named Nicole Jackson contacted me and was interested in my personal chef services.  She informed me that her mother, Liz, hasn't been feeling well lately, so Nicole and her out-of-state sister wanted to give her an extra-special Mother's Day gift by hiring me to cater a private 4-course dinner, just for the two of them!  What nice daughters.  :)   Nicole wanted to incorporate some of her mother's most favorite foods, some of which included fried shrimp, romaine lettuce, green apples, ranch, barbecue chicken, and cinnamon rolls.  What a fun task I had at hand!!  Together, Nicole and I created a menu based on her mom's favorite foods with a "fine-dining" spin on them.  The ladies treated themselves to a morning at the Spa, got their hair and nails done, and arrived back at Liz's house for a gourmet meal dedicated solely to her from her daughter.  All mothers should be so blessed to have such thoughtful children.  I had a blast cooking for them in their beautiful home and had just as good a time getting to know Nicole and Liz.   Here is the menu and pictures from the charming event.  Enjoy!


Two beautiful ladies and very happy (and full!) customers!  I truly enjoyed working with you. :)


The Chef Next Door


  1. Thank you so much for making that day special for my Mother! They absolutely loved the food and the great company.


    Courtney Coulter (the out-of-state sister!)

  2. You are so welcome, Courtney! It was my pleasure. :)

  3. beautiful kitchen! the food looks amazing! do you have the recipes for the (1)cheddar muffins, (2)the grilled honey bbq chicken breast w/ potatoes, asparagus, and drizzle, and (3)cinnabon cinnamon roll bread pudding?

  4. The kitchen belonged to the guest of was beautiful! Thank you so much. The Cinnamon Roll Bread Pudding recipe is on my Mixing Bowl Profile, the rest are just in my head. :) I'll get around to typing them up eventually!