Monday, May 24, 2010


Hi, everyone! Sorry for the lag in blogging....I've been pretty busy lately and also wanted to give Liz and Nicole Jackson a long run at the top spot. :)  To make up for my absence, I decided to come up with a fun "game" for my readers to play.   People often want to see pictures of my food, and I'm always surprised at how often they ask "What is that???" in regards to a picture that, to me, looks very obvious what it is.  So, I decided to post a handful of some of my wackiest food photos and see how clever my readers are!  Post your answers in the "share your thoughts" section, and the person who gets the most right will get a special shout out!  Include your name, email address, and your list of answers, 1-10.  Ready......set........guess!

1. Sea Urchins?? Nope, try again....

ANSWER:  Oriental Pork and Rice Balls

2. What is in the spoons??

ANSWER:  Petite Crabcakes with Remoulade and Chives

3.  Name 2 of the 4 items on this tray.

ANSWER:  Pancetta and Beef Skewers, Cucumber Cups with Ceviche, Blinis with Smoked Salmon and Creme Fraiche, and Toast Rounds topped with Deviled Quail Eggs

4.   Pretty, huh?  "Soup" is not a good enough answer....

ANSWER:  Chilled Saffron Soup with Melons and Sliced Scallops

5.  What is this Penguin made of?  (4 part answer- Body, nose, eyes and "buttons, and feet)

ANSWER:  Body- Eggplant; Nose- Carrot; Eyes and Buttons- Peppercorns; Feet- Parsnips

6.  What is this?

ANSWER:  Beef Carpaccio with Mixed Greens, Croutons, and Lemon Aioli

7.  Give it a go....

ANSWER:  Mango Sorbet in Tuile Spoons resting on Chocolate Mousse and Raspberry Puree

8.  When this is sliced up, what will it be??

ANSWER:  Biscotti!  (Orange/Almond Flavor)

9.  What is this lovely pinkish orange stuff?

ANSWER:  Sushi-grade Salmon

10.  Last one....what is it?  It's delicious, I'll tell you that!

ANSWER:  Roasted Eggplant with Panko Breadcrumbs and Mint

Ok, foodies...give it your best shot!  Be as descriptive as you can.  Happy guessing!!


The Chef Next Door


  1. 1. rice balls 2. crab cakes 3. bacon and water chesnuts, cucumber sandwich, pinwheel sandwich, cheese biscuits with stuff on top 4. melon soup 5. body-eggplant, nose-carrot, raisins for eyes and buttons, celery-feet 6. enchiladas 7. strawberry shortcake with peaches 8. cheese bread 9. grapefruit 10. eggplant with parmesan cheese

  2. Well done! You got ~3.5 of them of some of them are close. I'll post the full answers in a couple days! Thanks for playing :)