Sunday, May 2, 2010

Getting to know you....

Who all is out there reading this blog? I feel like Julie in the movie Julie and Julia...dedicated to blogging as often as possible, committed to sharing with my readers, and constantly wondering, "Who's actually reading this?"   Come now, don't be shy!  I see lots of profile views, but only a small handful of followers and even smaller handful of comments.  Show yourself!   Haha, totally kidding.   Ok- here is an "assignment" for my readers...whoever and wherever you are.  Reply to this post with 10-15 interesting facts about yourself- food or cooking related preferably.  Here is my gift to you- a little insight into my life and my kitchen.

15 Things You May Not Know About The Chef Next Door:

1- The first thing I ever learned to cook was Egg Salad.

2- I truly think Milo's Splenda Sweet Tea tastes better out of the jug. (As opposed to out of a cup)

3- I would eat Goat Cheese or Pesto on ANYTHING.  Literally, anything.

4- I don't really like chocolate.

5- I used to hate red wine/mushrooms/onions/tomatoes/peppers/spinach/etc....but then one day decided that there's no way I can be a chef and hate all those I changed my mind and now those are some of my favorites.

6-People who "don't like fish" or seafood make me mad. So many beautiful and delicious things come from the sea.

7-Eggs make me nauseous for a few minutes after eating them, but I do anyways. Almost every day.

8- My favorite kitchen utensil, even though I barely ever use it, is my super sharp awesome Mandolin. I'd cry if something happened to it.

9- I DO NOT cook, eat, or have anything to do with Veal.

10- I have an obsession with serving platters.

11- I eat Ketchup on my eggs.  And sometimes on soft tacos.

12- A year or so ago, I would have sold my kidney on the Black Market to work in the Test Kitchens of Southern Living or Cooking Light Magazine.

13- I wish I could be a professional culinary student...I would love to go to Culinary school for the rest of my life.

14- Ina Garten (The Barefoot Contessa) is my favorite Food Network personality.  Sandra Lee, on the other very color-coordinated.

15- Even though I'm a chef and I know it's a huge "no-no", I still sometimes salt my food before even tasting it.

Happy Sunday! Now it's your turn.....

The Chef Next Door


  1. 1. I love cookie dough but don't often eat the cookies after they have cooked.

    2. I wish I could cook and eat all the wonderful things I see in cookbooks and on the awesome food blogs.

    3. Icing is almost my number one food choice.

    4. Why is it so hard to plan meals without doing the same old stuff each day?

    Do you know who this is?

  2. Donna?? Or Sara?

    Was going to say my mom, until I got to #3...she doesn't care for icing. :)

    Tell me!

  3. 1.) I eat $0.25 Ramen Noodles all the time!
    2.) I know this is surprising Marg, but I actually cook every single night now. I guess that's what having a boyfriend will do to you!=)
    3.) I love mushrooms, onions, and pretty much any spice!
    4.) I think it is strange how our tastes develop over the years! I used to be so incredibly picky- I mean would only eat about 10 foods, now it is for sure the other way around!
    5.) I have a serious sweet tooth!
    6.) I believe seafood is food for the gods. It. is. Amazing.
    7.) I'm pretty much obsessed with Vodka Tonics... I've officially found my signature drink.....

  4. Well, Jenn, number 1 is NOT surprising in the slightest, but the rest are! And I'm totally with you on the seafood. I could be a vegetarian if fish was allowed... :) Love and miss you!