Monday, September 13, 2010

Trent Clinton's "Skill Test" for The Chef Next Door Academy

Thank you to my LOVELY across-the-street-neighbors, Nikki and Lowell Skidmore, for posting a link to my website on their facebook....because not an hour later, an enthusiastic young man named Trent Clinton shot me an email wondering how soon we could start some cooking classes!  I have met a lot of chefs in my day, and met a lot of people who are passionate about food and cooking....but I tell you what.....Trent puts us ALL to shame.   I thought I was bad- I cook in my dreams almost every night- but Trent already has his Christmas Dinner for his family planned down to a "T", and even has a sketch of how he wants his dish to be plated drawn on his magnetic dry erase board on his fridge.  WOW, how refreshing to meet someone who is so excited to even talk about cooking!  After emailing back and forth talking about our plans for his first class, I gave him a call to finalize the details......and we ended up talking for an hour about nothing but food.  You will all see Trent Clinton on Top Chef someday, I guarantee it.  We should all be so passionate about SOMETHING- not necessarily food, of course.   

So to put Trent through The Academy, I first had to really feel out where he is, skill-wise.  I gave him a written exam consisting of 25 fairly difficult culinary questions, followed by a practical exam consisting of 5 culinary skill tests (I won't disclose what the 5 skill tests were for any of my future CND Academy participants!)  Needless to say, Trent did fantastically well and I even learned a few things from him.  Below are some pictures from our "Skill Test" cooking session.  Trent- WELL DONE!

"The Pantry"

"The Tools"

"The Eggs"

"The Plating Test"

"The Knife Skills"

"The Secret Ingredient"

Look fun?!?

IT IS.  Call me.


The Chef Next Door

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