Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Itza Pizza Party

Sorry to all my previous adult cooking class students...but cooking with kids is SO MUCH MORE FUN!  Ha ha, totally kidding.  It's like trying to compare Coke and Sprite- two totally different things.  But in all seriousness, last Monday, I did a "Kid's Cooking Class" with Foster and Kaitlyn Clark, and had some of the most fun I've ever had in a Chef jacket!  Kaitlyn is 6 and Foster is 11 and they are both too cute for their own good.  :)  I taught their mommy, Traci, a "Southern Cookin'" class the week before (we made classic Chicken Pot Pie, Cheesy Corn Bread, and Mixed Berry Angel Food Trifle) and she decided she really wanted to let her kids in on the action. 

Together, the 3 of us made Stromboli Pinwheels as appetizers, two big "Family Pizzas", and of course, a Sugar Cookie Dessert Pizza with Chocolate Ganache "pizza sauce", White Chocolate "shredded cheese", and Strawberries as "pepperoni".  They were such great little chefs and such a joy to play with in the kitchen.  Kaitlyn even got to christen my new pink apron that my sweet cousin, Alee, gave to me as a gift. 

Here are some photos from our "Pizza Party" class!

Thanks for the pictures, Traci!  If there are some special little ones in your life who might enjoy cooking dinner for the family, give me a call and we'll get cooking!


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  1. aww that looks like so much fun! looks like your cooking classes are very popular! wish I could participate :( good job!