Tuesday, March 9, 2010

*Mixing Bowl*

Hi, friends! Happy Tuesday. :) About a month ago, I somehow stumbled upon the holy grail of cooking/recipe sharing/food-centered social networking websites....called www.MixingBowl.com. And as of today, March 9th 2010, I am officially obsessed. It is the Facebook/Twitter/Myspace for Foodies. You can create a profile, share recipes, upload food pictures, get updates from "friends" who share recipes with you, rate recipes, comment on recipes, ask questions, join Recipe Contests....it is amazing. I promptly check Mixing Bowl every morning to make sure there aren't any new contests available that I have yet to enter- gotta make it on the first page! If you haven't yet signed up, I highly suggest you join and enjoy the plethora of culinary fellowship at your fingertips. My username is TheChefNextDoor, of course! I will try my very best not to neglect the blog, now that I've entered the wonderful world of Mixing Bowl. Join today and start sharing all things food! (And vote for my recipes, or upload your own.)


The Chef Next Door

Click here for the recipe for these delicious crostinis!

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  1. great to see that you have the same addiction i have. stop by and see what you think