Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine's Dinner-for-Two Kits

I can't believe it's been a year since I entered the world of blogging!  Crazy how fast the time flies when you're having fun. :)  Well, Valentine's Day is 7 days away.  It seems as our options are reduced to A) Ignore it completely, B) Buy a box of Candy Hearts, C) Make reservations and brave the crazy restaurant scene, or D) Cook something fantastic yourself and spend the evening cleaning up after your mess.  Ok, I'm being facetious, of course, because I am a HUGE proponent of staying in and preparing a beautiful meal for your loved one on this special day.  But many people just don't really enjoy the chopping and the sauteeing and cleaning dishes.  So, I have something for you.

When I go to cater a dinner party, I do a good bit of the prep-work at my kitchen before I go to the client's house, and then finish the meal when it's time for dinner.  I pre-sear the steaks on the grill, I prepare the mashed potatoes, I flash-grill the asparagus just to get the grill char marks, I prep the sauces and vinaigrettes and have them in squirt bottles with appropriate labels, I have Ziploc bags of freshly chopped get the point.  I package everything in disposable aluminum containers, so I can just pop the steaks/asparagus/potatoes in the oven to finish cooking, then throw the containers away- saving a lot of clean-up time.  I arrived at a client's house back in December, and as she is watching me unpack, she goes "My goodness, it's like a little catering 'kit'!"  And thus the idea for my Valentine's Dinner-for-Two Catering Kits was born.

I am offering a 90% completed meal for those of you who don't want to sit in a crowded restaurant with hundreds of people, and also for those of you who want an elegant and delicious meal in your home without all the fuss.  Your meal will be prepped to the point where it just needs a little reheating and plating.  Your vinaigrette will be in a squirt bottle ready to douse your salad, which will be ready for transfer to your beautiful china salad plate. Your Filet Mignon will arrive seared from the grill and ready for you to finish cooking it in the oven to your desired doneness.  Your soup just needs a quick trip in a saucepot or the microwave, and its garnish will be in a tiny Ziploc container ready to excite your taste buds.  Everything has detailed instructions so you can finish the meal and arrange your beautiful masterpiece on your dishes and then simply throw all the packaging away at the end.  Easy as pie.

The menu only contains my SUPERSTAR menu items, including the most popular Salad (the Berries and Blue), the most popular Soup (Tomato Basil with Basil Aioli), and the most popular Entree (Filet Mignon with Blue Cheese Butter and Balsamic Demi Glace).  There is a nice mix of items for just about anyone- so the hardest part of your Valentine's Dinner will be deciding what to order!

You can order one course, or all Four Courses and receive 10% off your total order.  (Click on the photos to enlarge them, and if they're still to hard to see, just shoot me an email and I'll send you the PDF version.)  Below is the Order Form, which you can email back to me, or bring it by!  Or just pick up the phone and give me a shout with your order- I'm pretty easy to get in touch with.  (256)-683-8315.  Whatever you choose and however you choose to place your order, I GUARANTEE you will have a wonderful, romantic, care-free meal with the one you love most.  Hope to hear from you soon!

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