Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pot Luck Thanksgiving Luncheon at WestWind Technologies, Inc.

As you may or may not know, I have the pleasure of performing Healthy Cooking Demonstrations at WestWind Technologies, Inc. (WTI) every other Thursday.  I have a regular class following of 10-15 people who I absolutely adore and look forward to seeing every other week.  They are all so enthusiastic, so friendly, so laid-back, and always come in telling me how they prepared the recipes I taught them in the previous class for their families.  I LOVE IT!

As if WestWind wasn't cool enough already by hiring a Chef to perform bi-weekly Cooking Demonstrations (with food samples, of course) for its employees, they also put on a massive Pot Luck Thanksgiving Luncheon for them....and hired ME to bring the Turkey, Dressing, Gravy, and Ham!  Each employee's price of admission to the luncheon was to bring either a side dish, a bread item, a cold salad, or a dessert......all 115 of them.  So needless to say, there were hundreds of dishes and lots of happy employees.   I was honored to start the line with a few of the classic Thanksgiving Dishes.  I expect to see quite a few more faces in our next Healthy Cooking Demo!

The beginning of the line...

My contribution to the feast...

Cornbread Dressing 
with sweet Cornbread, Parkerhouse Roll Crumbs, sauteed Celery and Onions, Sweet Cream, and spices

Traditional Thanksgiving Turkey 
(White and Dark Meat)
Classic Pan Gravy
made with Turkey-fat Roux, Turkey Jus, Sweet Cream, and fresh Herbs

Honey & Brown Sugar-Glazed Smoked Ham

Going on down the line....

Do you think this is enough desserts???

It was a really great time and with much insistence from some of my friends at WestWind, I even chowed down on a massive plate of Thanksgiving fare.  Thanks for having me!!


The Chef Next Door

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