Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NEW! "Re-Purposing Thanksgiving" Cooking Class at The Wine Cellar

Well, the first class was a TOTAL success! We completely sold out and had a blast!  Our next class will take place on Monday, November 22nd from 7:00-8:00pm at The Wine Cellar.  We figured that since the class takes place a handful of days before Thanksgiving, and absolutely nobody needs any more suggestions on what to make for Thanksgiving Dinner, why not show you what to do with all the yummy left-overs that you will inevitably have?  We will be making Turkey Sandwiches with Dressing and Cranberry Sauce!


Try this on for size....there will be a surprise "Welcome Treat" utilizing left-over Sweet Potato Casserole and left-over Bread.....but I'm not telling what it have to come see for yourself!

Then we'll make a yummy Berries and Blue Salad with Spring Mix, dried Cranberries, crumbled Blue Cheese, candied Pecans, and a Cranberry Balsamic Vinaigrette using any left-over Cranberry Sauce you will have.

For the main course, we'll use up that left-over Turkey and Dressing by rolling it up in delicate Crepes and baking them with Gruyere Cheese and Cognac Gravy!  Is your mouth watering yet?

And to use up any of that pesky Canned Pumpkin you have lurking in your cabinet or fridge, we'll make Personal No-Bake Pumpkin Cheesecakes with a Toffee Crunch.

If you are through with Turkey Sandwiches or Turkey Casseroles, and you want to impress your in-laws YET AGAIN with your awesome cooking/entertaining skills, this class if for YOU.   Or, if you just enjoy sitting back with some good wine and great food, come on down.  Call The Wine Cellar TODAY to hold your spot.....seats are very limited- we only allow 16 people to ensure a very comfortable and intimate atmosphere. Hope to see you there!!



The Chef Next Door

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