Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boxed Lunches for Intuitive Research and CSC Wellness

So between the cooking classes, numerous catering proposals, private chef inquiries, and cramming in some favors for loved ones, I've stretched it even further and am now the Contracted Caterer for a new Huntsville-based Wellness company called CSC Wellness.  They provide all sorts of "employee wellness" programs for large companies around Huntsville- such as personal training, fitness classes, healthy cooking classes, and so forth.  And when one of their clients needs catering services, they bring me in. 

Today, we provided 23 Executive Boxed Lunches for the participants of the "Sizzle" Healthy Cooking Class, lead by Dr. James Reed.   Each box came complete with: half of a Grilled Chicken Wrap with Provolone, half of a Roasted Veggie Wrap with Feta and Balsamic, Mayo and Mustard packets, a Fresh Fruit Cup, a bag of Sunchips, a pack of Trail Mix, Bottled Water and Milo's Tea. 

Boxed lunches are an easy, healthy, and still delicious way to feed a crowd during a corporate meeting, seminar, orientation, and so forth.  Give me a call today to place your order!


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