Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sadness and Triumph

Well, the 4th of July ended up being a very, very sad day in my neck of the woods.  Last week, Taylor and I adopted a 9-week-old Border Collie/Springer Spaniel mix from a shelter.  We named him Sawyer.  He was the happiest, cutest, friendliest, most rambunctious little puppy ever.  He and our 3-year-old Siberian Husky, Layla, took to each other like Peanut Butter and Jelly- she even let him lay across her back like she was his Mommy.  We got him neutered and treated him for all the fleas and worms his poor little body was infested with, and he was well on his way to a perfect bill of health and a long happy life as a member of our family.  But then the Parvo hit him like a freight train, and our little boy who was once bouncing off the walls couldn't even muster the strength to lift his head or eat.  After a couple days in the Animal ER being pumped with fluids and antibiotics, little Sawyer just couldn't take it anymore, and he passed away Sunday afternoon, on the 4th of July.  He was a great dog, and was the perfect addition to our family.  I'll never forget him and will love him always.  RIP sweet buddy.  Our little Tom Sawyer.

Among happier news- The Chef Next Door has won not one, but TWO contests on MixingBowl.com! My "Enchilada Pinwheels" won the Cinco de Mayo Recipe Contest, and my "Sweet Potato-Apple-Butternut Squash Puree" won the Best Baby Food Contest.  I'm not even really sure how it happened, but I guess the people really liked my entries and so did the judges.  I was beginning to think I was wasting my time entering the recipe contests, but you can count on it that I'll keep at it until I win even more!  Thanks to anyone who voted, and please check out my profile on Mixing Bowl and vote for the contests I'm entered in now: Spectacular Strawberry Desserts and Lean Beef Challenge. Hope everyone has a great week.

 *Enchilada Pinwheels*

*Sweet Potato, Apple, and Butternut Squash Puree*


The Chef Next Door

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