Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Results Are In...

Easter Brunch was a huge success! The poached egg flowers turned out wonderful...the extra work at the beginning by bundling them and tying them up was well worth it. I just dropped them in the simmering water all at once, let them float for 5 minutes, snipped the tops off and slid them onto the muffins! So pretty and definitely less stressful than trying to perfectly poach 12+ eggs at the last minute. I forgot to add "spray the saran wrap with Pam or non-stick spray" before cracking the eggs into them. I forgot to spray on the first one, and that egg definitely stuck to the cling wrap after being cooked. My sweet Daddy walked in and casually said, "Marg, don't you think you ought to spray the saran wrap with Pam or something before you cook those eggs? I have a feeling they will stick..." Started spraying from that point on... and the others just slid right out. (Thanks for catching me, Daddy!) We had some tenderloin left over from dinner the night before, so we decided to do half pancetta, half tenderloin Eggs Benedict. They were both so yummy! The Mixed Berry Angel Food Trifle never disappoints, and today was no exception. It was sweet and flavorful, yet very light and fluffy. Perfect with Brunch. I've always served it as a light dessert at the end of a meal, but it was the wonderful compliment to the rich and salty Eggs Benedict. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday!


The Chef Next Door

Patiently awaiting their eggs....

Aren't they cute?? I don't think I'll ever poach eggs the old-fashioned way, again! Thanks, Food Network Magazine. :)

Anxiously awaiting their Tomato Basil Hollandaise bath...
(Can you find the egg that didn't get the non-stick spray? left corner...)

The finished result!

The Mixed Berry Angel Food Trifle. This didn't last long.

Check out the recipe on Mixing Bowl and make this delightful menu for your next family Brunch!

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