Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Don't Drink the Paint Water... the humorous "slogan" of Rebekah Bynum's My Spirited Art studio. Her delightfully "artsy" classroom and office is covered from floor to ceiling in paint swatches, colorful tissue paper pom poms, and a hodge podge of painted doodles which she lets students have their way with on her walls. A large gymnasium-style room with super high ceilings and a mini stage is filled with tables and easels and naked canvases...awaiting their artists. People come from all over Huntsville and Madison county to attend one of her art classes. It is casual, laid-back, and she even encourages you to bring good friends and even better wine.

At the start of every class, the instructor will go over some class guidelines, and ALWAYS finishes with..."And don't forget- DON'T DRINK YOUR PAINT WATER!" Apparently it is easy to confuse a glass of wine with a solo cup of Acryllic-filled water when you're in deep concentration over your masterpiece- or deep in a bottle of Zinfandel. :) I was introduced to Rebekah and her classes last summer, when she hosted a class at my place of work, back before she had her own studio. I instantly fell in love with the concept and have been a fairly frequent patron of My Spirited Art ever since. It is a great way to unwind from the day and unleash your creativity. Or, it's just a good way to hang with your friends and share some vino. I hope to one day integrate her awesome art classes with my soon-to-be awesome COOKING CLASSES! I hope the people of Huntsville will embrace me and my cooking lessons even half as well as they've embraced her painting classes!

Here are some of my paintings from My Spirited Art, and a few of my own:

Just in time for Spring...

"Grafitti Love" for my BFF's 24th Birthday

Paint-splatter Flowers

Coffee is Love

Wacky Abstract

Kandinsky Circles

Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad

Happy Birthday, Brothers!

Words to Live By

Grab some friends and your favorite Reisling and head over to My Spirited Art on Whitesburg Drive. Or, just pick up a canvas, some paint, some brushes, and do it yourself. THEN, call me and we'll do some cooking classes! :) :)


The Chef Next Door


  1. Loved your website!!! I enjoyed reading your blog. Good luck with the catering, Huntsville is lucky, I know the food will be every bit as good as what you've made for us at home.

    Donna Nelson

  2. Thank you so much, Mrs. Nelson! That means a lot to me. :)

  3. you are talented in painting too! love the picture of the tree, i would own that!