Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mom's Birthday Beef Wellingtons and Father's Day Chocolate Eclairs

Every Mom has two days that are especially HERS.  These two days are reserved for honoring her, showering her with love and gifts and attention, and trying somehow to repay her for the countless hours, days, and lifetimes which she has spent making sure that YOUR life is as wonderful as possible.  Her Birthday and Mother's Day.    Oh, my poor mom.  Get this:  My birthday is May 10th.  Yep, it usually falls on or right around Mother's Day, therefore her special day is somewhat overshadowed by her daughter's birthday.  And to make matters worse, HER birthday is June 18th....usually on or right around Father's day.  Therefore, her birthday is usually in conjunction with my dad's special day.  Well, we can't change peoples' birthdays or move the Holidays, so we just have to do the best we can to make their special days super special.

This year, to celebrate Mom's birthday AND Father's day (which fell on the same weekend), I decided that the best I could do was break out the big guns and prepare a meal and dessert that are only reserved for VERY special occasions:  Individual Beef Wellingtons and Homemade Chocolate Eclairs.  Both of these items are truly labors-of-love.  Somewhere between dicing dozens of mushrooms for the Duxelle and vigorously whisking the pastry cream, I felt one of the most rewarding feelings ever.  While I was struggling to perfectly enclose the beef in the puff pastry and clutching my cramped wrist after piping dozens of Pate Choux eclairs, I realized this.   My love of cooking developed because of my Mom.  I was blessed to be able to attend Culinary school because of my Dad.  And now, I was using my special talent, that they both nurtured and encouraged, to honor THEM.  What a treat for me as a Chef.  There is no event more satisfying.

The Wellingtons were delicious.  Mom was thrilled and ate every bite.  The Eclairs...well I don't know if I've ever seen my Dad grinning from ear-to-ear like a little boy, and shoving 4 of them in his mouth as fast as possible.  I don't think any award or accolade could make me as happy as seeing my wonderful parents truly loving something that I made especially for them.  Love you guys!

Before baking:

After baking:

 Served with Root Beer Gravy! Yummy....

Homemade Chocolate Eclairs:

Happy Daddy!

 Comment if you'd like recipes for Individual Beef Wellingtons or Homemade Chocolate Eclairs.  They really aren't that difficult on their own. :)  Maybe just don't prepare them together on the same day.....


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