Sunday, February 14, 2010

Self-Appointed Food Critic

Can you think of any better job in the world than to travel around, get to eat in fancy restaurants (usually for free), then get paid to simply critique your experience? Yea...I can't either. Food critic jobs are few and far between and next to impossible to attain. Besides having a very adventurous and discerning palate, a culinary degree, and experience working in restaurants, you also have to have a degree in Journalism or at least English, experience working for a newspaper or magazine, and several examples of published articles and writings you've done. To put it plainly, you have to have equal knowledge and experience in cuisine as you do in writing. That's a pretty tall order for most. Well, I'm just in it for the fun and to be able to share my dining experiences with you all. So, I've hired myself as The Chef Next Door's official food critic! Here goes.....

9.999 times out of 10, I would tell ANYBODY to put in the time and effort to prepare your own Valentine's dinner. You can have fun with your sweetie in the kitchen, make your favorite meal, and sit down to enjoy the fruits of your labor by candlelight without being surrounded by hundreds of other couples. It's also a great excuse to try out that extravagant recipe you've been eyeing on Plus...having worked in restaurants before, I empathize with the chefs and cooks slaving away on the busiest restaurant night of the year. Well, this is my 8th Valentine's day with my man, Taylor...yes 8th...and we have cooked our own Valentine's dinner every single one of them. Everything from Filet Mignon and Butter Poached Lobster tails to 3-course Fondue! It is always fun to try to top what we did the year before, and as my skills progress in the kitchen, our Valentine's days just keep getting better and better. But this year, Valentine's day kindof krept up on us, and as of Friday afternoon on the 12th, we had no plans and no ideas whatsoever. SO, we decided to break the mold, end the 7 year streak, and join the masses. Well sortof...we opted to dine out on Saturday, the 13th to hopefully avoid standing in line in the freezing cold waiting to be seated. Without further adue, we chose LUCIANO, a Fine Italian Restaurante. In the following blog, I will make my first attempt at being a food critic. Happy V-day everyone! Tell someone you love them and happy dining. :)


The Chef Next Door

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